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Ultrasound machine


Ultra: extreme or high.

Ultrasound: sound waves above the detectable frequency by the human ears.

Medical imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves and their echoes.


Form an image of organs or tissue.

Warm the muscle tissue as physiotherapy treatment.

Provide information about the tissue or blood velocity and movement.


· Power supply

· Transducer or prob

· Computer

· Control panel

· Screen

Working principle:

The prob has piezoelectric signals that converts the voltage to ultrasound waves hitting the object then come back to the receiver which convert it to voltage that can be processed in the computer to form a 2-D images of tissues and organs.

Common problems:

· Technical problems: probs/ transducers damage including the board and the crystals.

· Software problems: quality of the image due to some artifacts.


· Philips

· GE healthcare

· Siemens healthiness

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